Cardinal Ranjith condemns corruption in Sri Lanka. " Politicians at the grassroots level are accused of taking bribes even if they put up a village road." UCA News

UCA News reporter, Colombo UCA News reporter, Colombo Published: October 05

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has warned that Sri Lanka’s corrupt administrative system prevents citizens from finding justice and that political leaders do not want to solve the country's issues.

"During the last 70 years, a social system has been created in which the general public cannot expect justice," Cardinal Ranjith said at an event in Colombo on Oct. 4.

"No one has been able to control the corruption. The rulers have betrayed their conscience for the sake of petty advantages. Today there is a situation where only the rich and the powerful can handle the law.

"The Catholic Church must be with the people, not on the side of the rulers and the powerful."

Cardinal Ranjith, who is also the archbishop of Colombo, said a situation has arisen in which the Catholic community is unable to achieve justice for the 2019 Easter attacks.

"It does not have justice due to undue political advantage and political influence. They are in a position to put the Easter attacks under the carpet," he said.

Politicians at the grassroots level are accused of taking bribes even if they put up a village road

A group of suicide bombers affiliated to local Islamist group National Thowheed Jamath attacked three churches and three luxury hotels on Easter Sunday 2019, killing at least 279 people, including 37 foreign nationals, and injuring at least 500.

State agencies received specific warnings about terror attacks but the information was not properly shared.

Bishops, other religious leaders, civic rights activists and opposition parties have expressed their concerns about the current investigation into the attacks.

Cardinal Ranjith urged bishops, priests, nuns and all leaders to stand up for justice and the truth.